The Vision

Over fifty years ago, the men and women who started Central Ministries chose a location that was a cow pasture. They didn’t know that we would be at the center of where thousands of vehicles drive by us every day. But God knew. God has placed us in a wonderful location that is visible to all who drive by. And when someone does decide to drive in and visit us, they are deeply impacted by the light they see from the love of the people and the truth being spoken inside.

Central Ministries’ dedication to proclaiming truth and showing love to all who enter its doors has resulted in tremendous growth both spiritually and numerically. We hope you can feel the heartbeat of Central Ministries, which is to reach as many people as possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We feel blessed that God is expanding His kingdom through us in a mighty way. To support our growing church body, we must expand our facility at our Chapel Ridge Campus once again.

The Expansion

PHASE 1: Kid’s Ministry

The Kid’s Wing will be expanded to better meet the growing needs of our young families. This new addition will feature a venue that can seat up to 300 people, several large rooms that will foster fellowship for our youth gatherings, and eight classrooms that will be used by both the church and school. With this new expansion, every child at our weekend services will be able to meet in the same location, improving security (assuring parents of their child’s safety).

If you have ever been involved in Central Ministries, you’ve probably noticed that almost every inch of space is used daily. While certain parts of this expansion will be designed and decorated with our youth in mind, we also believe that being good stewards of what God has given us means that the rooms should be used by multiple ministries as the needs arise. Therefore, much of this new expansion will also be used by life groups, Bible studies, Central Institute classes, and other events on the church schedule throughout the week.

This addition will be 18,000 square feet and will begin from the south side of the existing children’s wing.

PHASE 2: Offices and Meeting Rooms

By creating more space for offices, we can offer all our staff a dedicated room where they can study and meet with others. Adding several meeting rooms (seating 30-40 people) will allow our growing staff to meet and collaborate with the different team members. These rooms will also be used for various gatherings for any adult ministry: classes, life groups, Bible studies.

This addition will be 4,200 square feet and will begin from the east side of the church where the carport is located.

Generosity of the Central Family

When we all unite towards a common goal, God will use our church to accomplish His purpose in a way far greater than if we all tried to do it on our own. As you consider giving to this project, think through these biblical principles:

If God has blessed you financially, then He expects you to bless others.

If your heart truly treasures the ministry happening at Central, then display that with generosity.

God sometimes asks us to give sacrificially above and beyond what we normally give.

This would not be possible without your faithful giving. Pray about what you might give. Go before the Lord and ask Him what you might be able to offer to build His kingdom. What great things would happen if everyone here at Central Ministries generously contributed to this project!