Central Students  •  We’re Ready for You

Middle School

Central Students  •  We’re Ready for You

Middle School

Middle school students worshiping God weekly, connecting with other believers on a deeper level, and reaching out to those in their spheres of influence.


Sunday Mornings

at 9:00 AM

The Cafe inside Door 1, Starting in the Chapel

Passionate teachers teach straight from God’s Word each Sunday morning, and encourage students to apply the knowledge they are gaining to their daily lives through discussion-based teaching.

This is our “medium-sized” group meeting (larger than small groups, but smaller than large group). We use this time to really challenge the students both by asking them tough questions and encouraging them to ask their own challenging questions as they process what God is saying to them.

Leo: Grades 5-8 meet together at 9:00 AM


Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:00 PM

In the Chapel

VoLuMe is where we have both our large group program and also our small groups. The goal of VoluMe is to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming to new students, but also deep enough to meet all of the students where they are. Every week we will have games, worship, teaching, and small groups. Everyone is together for our games, worship, and teaching. Our small groups are grade and gender based.

(Drop off and pick up at the main doors to the gathering space.)

Events & Trips

Outside of our Sunday gatherings we place a high value on the time we can plan to get away and see God, Life and relationships in a different way. Every year we have a few major over night events: Fall retreat, Winter Weekend, and a Summer Mission Trip. These trips are very intentionally designed for maximum impact. If you are interested in any of our trips check out the current registrations on our events page.

Current Series

How to Read the Bible

The How to Read the Bible series walks through each literary style found in the Bible, and how each uniquely contributes to the overall whole. Each literary style lives by its own rules and structure. First, lets see what the bible actually is.

Adult Leaders

Become a volunteer by reaching out to Dan Baker. We will start the process with a short application and meeting, then running a background check and giving opportunities to sit in as a trial.

Chapel Ridge

Dan Baker

Family & High School Pastor


Passionate and qualified volunteers are leading the Middle School Ministry at Leo Campus on Sunday Mornings.

For any questions or information, email leostudents@centralministries.com.

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