Central Students  • Everyone’s Welcome

High School

Central Students  • Everyone’s Welcome

High School

Central HSM is a ministry for high school students that seeks to create relational environments which help students develop a faith that interacts with the real world they live in through our church’s vision of worship, connect, reach.


HSM Sunday Nights

from 6:00 – 8:00 PM

At Chapel Ridge

This is both our large group and small group environments for high school students. We sit at tables based on grade and gender with each small group being assigned a small group leader. The night is a mixture of fun and games, singing, discussion, up front teaching, and more discussion. Our goal is to create intimate community among small groups and leaders to cultivate a safe place to learn and process through issues of faith and doubts.

(Enter door #1. Students from all campuses welcome.)

Sunday Mornings

10:00 – 10:45 AM (Chapel Ridge)
9:15 – 10:15 AM (Leo)

Chapel Ridge: Fellowship Hall

At Chapel Ridge, we are encouraging all high school students to be at church for both services. It is our desire that students attend a service and find a place to serve during a service.

The DIG:

The purpose of this time is to create an opportunity for students to “DIG” deeper into the scripture from our weekly sermons. There are times when students who attend a service and commit to serving, have a week off, or are on a twice per month rotation. For those “off” Sundays we want to help students to learn how to get the most out of a sermon. This is a drop in style class that will be lead by some of your favorite HSM Leaders. New Students are always welcome!

Leo: Upstairs

At Leo we have a discussion based group that meets before service. Join us upstairs as we talk about faith and discuss the current message series.

Events & Trips

Outside of our Sunday gatherings we place a high value on the time we can plan to get away and see God, Life and relationships in a different way. Every year we have a few major over night events: Fall retreat, Winter Weekend, and a Summer Mission Trip. These trips are very intentionally designed for maximum impact.

Our next trip is our Fall Weekend Retreat November 13-14 ($80)

Annual Theme


There are so many things in this world that are put in front of you that it FEELS like you NEED to work at, take care of, or be concerned with. But if you are a person of faith, there are some truths that don’t always go with the ways of this world. If you want to be successful at life and pursue your faith, how do you BALANCE these two things??? This theme will remain visible throughout the school year in all that we teach.

Current Series

Waiting, Dating & Mating

Over this series, we will be talking about dating, flirting, friends, and sex. This topic is not new.  You will hear that these messages are honestly from the Word of God. You will see that what is being said is really rational and even realistic. Some students are so tired of being hurt by relationships, or seeing their friends hurt by relationships, that they are ready for God’s best in this area of their life.

Adult Leaders

Become a volunteer by reaching out to Dan Baker. We will start the process with a short application and meeting, then running a background check and giving opportunities to sit in as a trial.

Chapel Ridge

Dan Baker
High School Pastor


Passionate and qualified volunteers are leading the Middle School Ministry at Leo Campus on Sunday Mornings.
For any questions or information, email leostudents@centralministries.com.

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