Central Kids  •  Birth — 4th Grade

Kids and Families Loving Jesus

Central Kids  •  Birth — 5th Grade

Kids and Families Loving Jesus

We help kids and families love Jesus through worship, relationship building, presenting the gospel, keeping kids safe, and empowering families to reach out and serve others in everyday life.

Your Guide to Sundays


Ages 0-3

Children may move up to the 3 year old Preschool class when they are 3 and reasonably well potty-trained!

Where is the Nursery Located?

The Nursery is located at the end of the hall, just past check-in. We also have a Nursing Mother’s Room which is in the Nursery.

Texting: Please make sure you have your phone close to you and on vibrate during the service as we will contact you if something should arise with your child.


Ages 3 to Pre-K

Consistent care

Your child matters to God and they matter to us here at Central! We have an amazing volunteer staff that loves working with this exact age group! We strive for consistent care so that your child knows their leader and that the leader knows your child!

Bible Teaching

We know that children in this age group are sponges for knowledge. Preschool is a prime time to instill God’s words in their hearts! Each week we go over a Bible lesson and reinforce it in various exciting ways. We do skits, puppet shows, interactive videos, worship, crafts and other activities that all reinforce the Bible verse and story of the week! Your child will not only learn the Word of God but they will have fun doing it!


K-5th grade

Your child needs adults who care about them and are reinforcing the same thing you are teaching in the home! That is why in our Children’s Ministry every child is placed with a caring volunteer who knows them! We encourage parents to get to know their child’s small group leader as they invest into your child each week and love them like crazy!

Interactive Bible Teaching

Our ministry teaches children the Bible in fun and interactive ways. We utilize multimedia, worship, and games that all reinforce the lesson! Come and check it out!


We offer small groups as a part of our Central Kids program. Small Groups are a time where kids hang out with other kids their own age as they interact with the activities that help them learn the Bible verse and reinforce the Bible lesson!

Your Guide to Sundays!

What does Sunday check-in look like?

When you walk in the main entrance there is a check in station with volunteers that are happy to help you out for your first time: there are self check ins for families who are already registered, to keep the check in process moving quickly.

Where do I go as a parent?

After checking your kids in you can walk them into their class and then make yourself comfortable in the main service.

What can I expect my kids to experience?

All kids will worship God through singing, and a Bible story at an age appropriate level. Connect with their peers, and positive adult leaders. And follow up on the biblical truths in a relevant way while being kept safe.

How do I pick them up?

At pick up you will bring your half of the printed check in tag to your child’s classroom, your child’s leader will confirm that your code matches theirs, to ensure the safety of each child.

Do I need to bring anything? Can I leave my diaper bag with you? Will you change my child’s diaper?

In the nursery we welcome diaper bags with any special snacks or bottles for your kids. Our leaders have been trained to change diapers in a safe and clean manner. When your child is ready to move up into the 3 year old preschool room, we make it a requirement that your child is potty trained.

Is there somewhere I can go to nurse my child?

Inside of our nursery is a warm and inviting nursing mothers room where you can care for your baby.

Will you contact me during the service if my child needs assistance?

Please have your phone readily available, the phone number you provide during check in will he used to contact you should and issue arise with your child during service.

Do all volunteers get background checks?

All of our volunteers must be approved through a local and national background check to ensure the safety of all children. They also fill out an application and meet with our children ministry staff.


Jamie Schlatter

Central Kids Coordinator (Leo)

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