By going deeper than a church service sermon, Central Institute hopes to encourage a hunger for continuing to know the scripture and the God Who so generously gave us His precious words to equip us in our day to day lives. Subject areas will vary, but all with the goal of our understanding Christ Jesus’ love for us through study allowing His Holy Spirit to completely transform our lives in every relationship we have.

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You can pick up booklet corresponding to a study you find online in our Fireside Room in the Gathering Space at Chapel Ridge campus.

Classes taught by the teachers pictured below (and as a “Central Institute” class) will have booklets and online class available.  Video driven classes facilitated by leaders (not pictured) will not have materials available online due to the copright on the material.)

Our Teachers

Jeremy Helmuth

Senior Pastor

Jeremy serves as Senior Pastor of Central Ministries. He received his BA in Biblical Studies from Grace College and Theological Seminary. Also at Grace, he went on to complete his Masters in Divinity. He received his Doctorate in Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago. His main responsibilities at Central Ministries include preaching, teaching, and vision casting. Jeremy has taught such classes as: "Journey Through the Bible"; "Belief: a Deeper Look"; "Thy Word is Truth"; "Saved"; and "The Difficult Sayings of Jesus." He is married to Amy and together they have four daughters: Lily, Ellie, Charlotte and Annalise.

Troy Jester

Discipleship Pastor

Troy is Central's Counseling and Assimilation Pastor. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry at Huntington University. Troy also holds a Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University. He served at Central Ministries as Youth Pastor and Marriage and Family Counselor for eighteen years. He has taught such classes as: "Marriage 101"; "Parenting Teenagers"; "The Blessing"; "Faith Basics"; "Coffee Cup Counseling"; and "Biblical Parenting". Troy is Married to Michelle and together they have three daughters: Aubrey, Kaitlyn, and Kylie.

Melissa Soldner

Melissa Soldner

Director of Central Institute

Melissa has a B.S. in Psychology from Campbellsville University and Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She served in Kentucky as a church minister to youth and children. She later has worked outside the church in Fort Wayne as a therapist to adults and children. In addition to her role as Director of Central Institute at Central, she is the Woman's Counselor. She is involved in teaching and leading small groups with women’s ministry. Melissa has taught such classes as: "The Gospel of Luke"; "Grieving with Hope"; "Why are the Questions so Important?" and "The Meal". She serves as point person in several other areas of ministry at Central.

Rob Bogle

Groups Pastor

Rob is the Groups Pastor at Central Ministries. He oversees discipleship through groups. Rob's 15 years in ministry also includes serving as a youth pastor and senior pastor. Rob graduated with a Bachelors in Church Ministries and Bible from Maranatha Baptist University.The Central Institute classes Rob has taught are: "Pursuing the Heart of God"; "Unlocking God's Word." Rob will be teaching: "The Bible On Trial" in the fall of 2021. Rob and his wife Kasee have 2 children: Mady and Titus.

Don Delagrange

Care Pastor

Don is a long-time pastor at Central Ministries. Currently Don serves as Care Pastor. He has a B.S. in Education from IPFW and attended seminary. Don led Central Ministries as Senior Pastor from 1984-2010. Don's wife Gloria, assists him in giving leadership to the Care Ministry at Central. They have two grown children and 5 grandchildren.Don has taught such classes as: "Faith Basics"; and "A Culture of Care". Don enjoys farming, playing golf, and walking. Don and Gloria reside in Fort Wayne. His life verse is Isaiah 30:21.

Luke Spaulding

Leo Campus and Outreach Pastor, Central Ministries

Luke Spaulding was "born and raised" at Central. He became one of it's pastors in 2020. He was a missionary to Morocco from the fall of 2013 until the Spring of 2015. He and his wife, Robyn lived in Columbus, Ohio where they were program facilitators/house parents for the young adult Discipleship Training School for Rosedale International from June 2018 until June of 2020.

Mike Bowersock


Mike serves Central Ministries as an Elder. He and his wife Roberta have been attending Central for 7 years. Mike holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technology. Mike also holds an MBA from Bowling Green State University. Mike has studied Mormonism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses belief system and Islam extensively. These studies include: discussions with leaders in these belief systems as well as visits to their actual worship services. Mike has taught the Central Institute class: "False Belief Systems."

Jim Welch


Jim earned a B.A. in Ministry at Anaheim (CA) Christian College. He also holds a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has been teaching for many years in various settings, including in churches on both coasts, as well as in the Midwest. He has also taught over thirty classes on a collegiate level at Taylor University, Fort Wayne and Huntington University.


What is Central Institute?

Central Institute is a church-based school of practical theology based in Fort Wayne, IN. We serve those wanting to grow in Biblical knowledge and to acquire practical ministry skills. Our goals are personal spiritual growth and transformation and the application of biblical truth to daily life.

What is mission of Central Institute?

It is the goal of classes in Central Institute to provide deeper learning with knowledgeable teachers. It also is that goal to have these classes open to all who would like to participate.

The class itself may be a 1-session or a 9-session but the explanation for these classes will be provided prior to your registration.

Classes are recorded unless the material is video drive and copyright protected. For the recorded classes a person is able to begin the class at any time and still “catch up” if need be.

Who can attend?

Central Institute is open to adults and teens who are willing to learn at an adult level.

Who are the teachers?

God continues to bring together a team of qualified teachers in our own church family.

Each teacher adheres to Central Ministries’ Statement of Beliefs in his or her teaching.

What do we believe?

We are rooted in the Biblical Truth. We teach God’s Word as fully inspired, inerrant in it’s original writings, and defer to it as our final authority in faith and practice.

For a more detailed statement of beliefs visit our beliefs page.

Can I volunteer in Central Institute?

Yes, indeed!!!!!

Central Institute is like a “mini church” inside the local body at Central Ministries which in turn is in the Big “C” church in the world.

So, like we also function like a body and need help in making class booklets, setting up, greeting, tearing down and of course teaching!!

Questions regarding Central Institute contact Melissa Soldner.