Our Values

Understanding Central means seeing our values lived out.

Doctrinal Purity & Cultural Relevance

We strive to be culturally relevant and doctrinally pure. As we present the truth of God’s Word, we must be sensitive to our culture through our words, facility, printed materials and the use of arts. We believe that anointed teaching helps transform believers. Teaching should always include three main aspects: (1) Increased knowledge of Scripture; (2) Holy Spirit conviction; (3) Personal application of the message.

A Life of Worship

We believe that genuine worship happens when God is praised in both spirit (passionate emotion) and truth (right theology). It is our goal to usher people into the presence of God at every one of our worship services. Worship happens on a daily basis in every area of our life. Prayer is a vital part of how we communicate with our Creator and obedience to His words is how we show God our allegiance to Him.


We desire that those who attend our weekend services and participate in our weekly programs leave feeling uplifted. It is our hope that we interact with others in such a way as to help them experience comfort, love and hospitality. It is one of our greatest desires to encourage others to reach their full potential for Jesus Christ.

Authentic Relationships

We believe that discipleship, fellowship, ministry, vulnerability and accountability should happen in both large and small settings. Therefore, we desire that everyone at Central is part of some kind of small group. We invest in the lives of others. We share each other’s burdens and rejoice in each other’s victories. We consider others more important than ourselves.


We believe that every member should exhibit a generous spirit with their time, talents and resources. We should naturally want to bless others as God has blessed us with particular spiritual gifts. We have a financial responsibility to support the work of Christ on earth through the Church. We believe that everyone has at least one spiritual gift and should use it in their local church. The joyful responsibility of every member includes fully engaging in the life of the church. We ask and expect members to faithfully volunteer in multiple areas of church ministry. We challenge every member to participate in a local, national or international mission activity.

An Outward Focus

We believe that lost people matter to God. We exist to reach those in our neighborhoods and around the world who have yet to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Central’s programming, services and ministry models all point toward sharing the message of the Gospel with individuals and families. Every member is challenged to share their faith daily in work, schools and social settings.


You matter to us. At Central, all life stages are represented well. From the time you are born to the moment you breathe your last breath on this earth, you have a place at this church. Since each phase of life is important here, we focus on meeting the needs of individuals in the following stages: (1) childhood; (2) teenager; (3) young adult; (4) young family; (5) mature family; (6) mature single; (7) empty nester; (8) elderly.


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Everything we do is grounded in the person of Jesus and a Biblical worldview.