Thanks for your interest in joining the team! Here’s an overview of what’s available and what we do:

ProPresenter (click here for tutorials)

Any text, videos, or graphics come from ProPresenter. You’re in charge of making sure the lyrics to songs are on screen at the right time, videos play when needed, and that everything on our screens looks right. It’s a very important position which requires attention to detail and focus. A great way to try out ProPresenter is to run a Friday night service first; there’s less pressure (since it’s not live streamed) with a smaller audience.

Lighting (tutorials coming soon)

Our lighting scenes help create an atmosphere of worship. While sometimes things can be simple, there are other times when lighting scenes are more complex. Timing is important to communicate the idea effectively. If you’re passionate about conveying reverence, emotion, and adoration through visual means, check this out.

Audio (tutorials coming soon)

Our primary Front of House (FOH) engineer is our Technical Director, but there are other opportunities to run FOH. Typically, Friday night services are best. Audio can make or break an experience, so only those with exceptionally high skill and experience are considered for this position. If that describes you, please contact Chris.

Camera Operator (tutorials coming soon)

You’re responsible for what people online and in house see on their screens. We currently have three manned cameras and one PTZ (remote) camera. Experience is a plus, but not a requirement. We can train you on basic operation and preferred technique.

Video Director (tutorials coming soon)

Our normal Director is our Director of Digital Ministries, but there are plenty of times where you can direct a Sunday morning service or special event. You’re in charge of making sure the right shots are on screen at any given time. Experience running a video switcher is preferred but not required.

If you have any questions or would like to join, please email Chris Lyles, Technical Director or say “Hi” at an in-person service!


How many services do I have to volunteer for?

Many of our volunteers make once-a-month commitments, but some serve more. That’s really up to you! And we appreciate you honoring your commitments.

If I volunteer for a Sunday, do I have to serve both hours (9am and 11am)?

Typically, that’s what we ask. However, camera operators have some flexibility on that front, especially if there is a sub for the hour you would be missing.

Do I have to have experience to volunteer?

Not always, but it helps! The only position that experience is required is FOH Audio. Everything else we can train you in!

Is there an age limit or minimum age to serve?

We’re looking for the ability to focus, pay attention to detail, and be faithful/dedicated to show up when you commit to serve. If that’s you, age doesn’t necessarily matter. Contact Chris to get the conversation started!

How do I know when I’m scheduled to serve?

We use Planning Center Online to schedule and communicate with our volunteers. Once you’ve talked with Our Technical Director and decided which way to serve, you’ll get an email with information on how to set up your PCO account.

How do I sign up to serve?

Contact Chris!