Here are some quick tutorials and troubleshooting videos for setting up and tearing down tech equipment in the gym at Central Ministries!

How to Turn the Stage Lights On

Startup Process

Shutdown Process

Camera 2 Setup/Teardown

Camera 2 Setup
Camera 2 Teardown

Worship Services

How to Start Up and Shut Down Everything for Services

Unlocking Doors, Pulling Nets

Fire Alarm and Booting Computers

Lighting Setup

Lighting: Selecting Your Show/Troubleshooting

FOH: Mac mini and Projector Control

FOH: Setting Up the PowerPoint Surface



FOH: Batteries and Wireless Gear

FOH: Drawers

FOH: Loading Your Scene

FOH: Customize Faders/Level Tips

FOH: Selecting Channels

FOH: Quick Tips


Testing the PowerPoint Remote

Between Services

Lighting: Troubleshooting

Video World

Shutting Down

Cam 2 Teardown

Programming ProPresenter

Changing Songs and Programming CC Cues

Basics and Friday Nights



Sync Planning Center