Dec. 4-6, 2020 – Bulletin Announcements

By December 4, 2020Church News, Weekly Update

Sermon Series | Dec. 4-6  Tapestry of Christmas

“Weaving God’s Presence into your Life”

Pastor Don Delegrange

Join us this weekend as we begin a new sermon series.

Central Kids

Pre-registration is really important for us to continue providing the best in person experience full of safety and security for our kids, plus ensuring we have the right amount of volunteers. Please be sure and pre-register your kids if you want them to come join us during our weekend services! 

Register at :

NEW Central Ministries Mobile App

You can now search for “Central Ministries” in your Goggle play or App Store.
Our Safe & Secure App offers many incredible features:

  • Push Notifications for immediate news and information about any of our ministries.
  • The Media section provides live services, past sermons, and special content from many of our different ministries.
  • You may participate in one time or regular giving through the App.
  • This a great way for new people to get to know Central.

For the next few weeks you will find some volunteer “App Geniuses” at the information desk in the lobby to help you get to the app set up on your smartphone.

Central Family Advent Devotions

Our staff at Central Ministries has created a family devotional to go through for Advent. Each day will have a selected scripture to read and a devotional written by one of our staff members to read. These are appropriate for people of all ages and can be done alone or together. The devotionals will be starting Dec. 4. You can find them on the YouVersion Bible app or in the gray bar at the top of the main page of our Website ( We hope you’ll enjoy celebrating our Savior’s birth in this special way with us!

Sermon Series | Dec. 11-13  Tapestry of Christmas

“Weaving God’s FORGIVENESS into your life”

Micah 5:2 | Matthew 2:5-6

More than 800 years before Jesus was born, there was a prophet who predicted that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. What is the significance of this little town and why did God choose this location for the birth of Jesus? Discover how God has given us the greatest gift called forgiveness of sins and how our ability to forgive others can be the greatest gift we give to ourselves. If you are struggling with setting someone free from their past, then take the time to listen to this sermon.