Sunday, 18 December 2016


Luke 1:57-66, 80

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

Who was JOHN the BAPTIST?





When you have the zeal of God, you burn with a desire to prepare people to meet God and grow in a relationship with God.  Zealous people are also prepared to face anything in regard to their faith.    

  • Prepare others to accept Jesus as their leader.
  • Prepare others to repent to avoid God’s judgment.    
  • Prepare to be persecuted for your convictions
  • You’re transformed when you sense God’s zealous love for you.

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. How would you rate yourself with zeal?  Is zeal a personality trait that only some people have, or is biblical zeal a burning desire to serve God wholeheartedly?  Is an apathetic Christian an oxymoron?    

Digging Deeper

2. Read Romans 10:1-3.  Do you know anyone who is zealous about their religion, but they lack a relationship with God?  They have zeal for following the traditions of their church, but they do not have the knowledge of the truth about salvation?  What can you do to help them understand the gospel of Jesus Christ? 

3. Read Romans 12:11.  How do you keep your spiritual fervor?  The apostle Paul seems to connect serving God with zeal.  Discuss this statement: If you are not serving God, then you will lack zeal for God.

4. The jealousy (zeal) of God implies that He insists on exclusive loyalty which is due to Him (Exodus 20:5; 34:14; Deut. 4:24; 5:9; Joshua 24:19; Nahum 1:2).  Just as God has a zeal to prosper you, do you have a zeal for God and His ways?  Do you burn with a desire to please God? 

5. Read the account of Phineas and discuss his zeal for upholding God’s justice (Numbers 25:1-13).  Does this story make you uncomfortable?  How does this fit into the paradigm of Jesus’ ministry?   

Applying the Bible

6. How can you increase the zeal in your heart for God?  Remember, introverts and extroverts can both be zealous.  Should you serve?     

7. Do you need to prepare someone to accept Jesus Christ?  What can you do this week to share the truth with him or her?  Ask God to instill within you a burning desire to share your faith with the lost.