Sunday, 12 January 2020

Why does EVIL Exist?

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


Where is God when evil dictators oppress the innocent? Why doesn’t God stop natural catastrophes? Why doesn’t God seem to care about the homeless and the hungry? Why doesn’t God help heal a loved one from cancer? The problem of evil is the single greatest obstacle for spiritual seekers. In order to fully deal with the problem of evil, we must believe these five statements:

  • God made everything good.
  • God’s creation of freedom allowed evil to enter the world.
  • God is okay with you crying out to Him in disappointment.
  • Trust that God is working to produce good out of tragedy.
  • God will make it all good again.

God is leading me to overcome evil with good by:

  • _______________________________________

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. What is your greatest disappointment? Have you ever suffered in a such way that it shook you to your core and it made you question God’s love to you?

Digging Deeper

2. What does it mean to “cry out to God” when you are in great distress and you feel like God is not just invisible, but ignoring you (Psalm 83: 1-2; 22:1-2; 13:1-6)?

3. Read Romans 5:3-4. How does suffering produce perseverance, which leads to character, which leads to hope? As impossible as it seems to find joy in the midst of a trial that is tearing you apart, how can you rise above the discouragement and delight in God (James 1:2-4)?

4. Read Romans 12:17-21. Why does God tell us to respond to evil with kindness? Is there a hurt you need to give to the Lord so that He can avenge if He believes that is best? How can you, in a practical way, be kind to your enemy?

Applying the Word to Life

5. If you are in the midst of a trial, how can you show God that you trust in His goodness, His power, and His knowledge?

6. What is your response to evil and suffering? Do you watch and complain, or do you intervene and make a difference like God did? How will you overcome evil with good? Do you need to visit someone who is hurting? Is God asking you to become a foster parent? Does God want you to run for a political office? Does God want you to pray for someone who has wronged you? Does God want you to work with the homeless? Listen to the still, small voice of God and shine your life in an area of darkness.