Sunday, 16 August 2015

WAKE UP before it is TOO LATE

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

Does the following way of life describe you or someone you know?

  • Enter the church building and go through the motions.
  • Live in blatant sin throughout the week.
  • Repeat, believing that you have everyone fooled (including God).

What does it take to awaken someone out of their slumber? When does true transformation by the Holy Spirit happen in a “dead person’s” life?

  1. Tragedy.
  2. Transitions.
  3. The Mirror Moment.

What will wake up the sleepy Christian?

  1. Strengthen your service.
  2. Repent of your sin.
  3. Obey God’s Word.


Jesus promises that true believers will have a:

  • Pure relationship with God (wear white clothing).
  • Permanent relationship with God (name in the Book of Life).
  • Personal relationship with God (Jesus will state your name).

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. Have you ever found yourself feeling lethargic in your faith? What did you do to wake up from your spiritual slumber? If you are honest with your group, maybe you are feeling dead right now and you want to feel alive again, but you just don’t know what will help. Do you have the courage to share this with your group?

Digging Deeper

2. Read Luke 12:35-48. Jesus tells a story about being ready for His return. Answer these questions:

  • What does it mean to “be dressed ready for service” and how does that connect with the letter to Sardis?
  • Do verses 46-48 point towards a greater punishment in hell for some people based on their knowledge of God’s will? Discuss the extreme wording: “cut him to pieces.”

3. Read 2 Peter 3:11-14. How can you live an alert life? How do you keep watch for Jesus’ return? How can you be on guard?

Applying the Bible

4. According to the letter to Sardis, there are three things that will help a sleepy Christian wake up. What is your first step towards waking up? Do you need to repent and turn from a sin? Do you need to start obeying what the Bible says? Do you need to start serving in an area you are passionate about? What is your next step?

5. When is the last time you have had a mirror moment? Do you need to look in the mirror in light of the sermon?

6. What can you do this week to deepen your relationship with Jesus? Just as God knows your name, could you learn the names of God?