Sunday, 13 January 2019

Unceasing Prayer

1 Thess. 5:17

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


The apostle Paul told us to pray without ceasing. Does that mean we must speak out loud to God every moment we are awake? No. It means we are to be conscious of God throughout the day by abiding in Him (John 15). How can we consistently be more aware of God?

  • Outward silence: internal dialogue with God.
  • Inward silence: listen to hear God’s voice clearly.


Jesus gave us an example of how we are to constantly live in connection with our heavenly Father. The following is a daily plan based on the God-centered actions of Jesus.

  • Evening: Slow down to find rest for the soul.
  • Morning: Prepare in solitude.
  • Day-time: Focus on the eternal.
  • Minute Retreats: Turning the routine into the holy.

Daily Prayer Schedule

What does it mean to pray without ceasing? It means that you are “abiding-remaining-living” in Christ (John 15). Feel free to switch days if one of the ideas fits better on a different date.

Monday (January 14) – MINUTE RETREATS

Be aware of God when you have to pause for a few minutes or even a few seconds. Don’t just look at your phone or try to fill that time. Turn the routine into the holy (traffic light, elevator, drive-thru, etc). Set apart these moments to look at Christ and listen to His Spirit.

Tuesday (January 15) – LIMIT YOUR WORDS

If you can go an entire day without speaking, that is ideal, but if not, then try to be silent more today (or another day that works better). When you want to say something, ask yourself if it is necessary and use that moment to listen to God.

Wednesday (January 16) – FOCUS ON THE UNSEEN

Read through 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 and focus on that which is spiritual. Be more aware of the unseen in your conversations and interactions with others. Invite the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Thursday (January 17) – PRAY BEFORE THE SUNRISE

Read Mark 1:35. Get up before it is light out and before others are awake, and spend time praying to your heavenly Father.

Friday (January 18) – REST FOR THE SOUL

Read Mark 6:31. Take a break from your regular routine and do something that will refresh your soul (What will re-energize you?).

Saturday (January 19) – GOD IS SPEAKING 

Listen intently for God in everything you do today. Even in the most mundane tasks, ask yourself, “Is God talking to me right now?”

Sunday (January 20) – INWARD SILENCE

In the midst of the busyness of life, try to silence your mind and heart. Don’t let “worry” or a “check-list” overwhelm your thinking. Invite God to speak into your life and then listen to Him.