Sunday, 06 March 2016

Transcendent Peace

Philippians 4:1-9

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

Is it ever okay for you to WORRY?

Eliminate all worry from your life. There are three different levels of worry:

  1. Insignificant concerns
  2. Everyday concerns
  3. Life-altering concerns

How can you OVERCOME the sin of WORRY?

Worry should not be your instinctive response when something bad happens.  We are told to do two things as soon as we feel the urge to worry.  If you want to replace worry with peace, then focus on these two things:  

Prayer produces peace.  

Uplifting thought produces peace.

The prayer of a joyful Christian:

God, fill my anxious heart with Your peace.  

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. Out of all the issues people worry about the most, which issue do you tend to worry about?  Why do you worry about certain issues more than other problems in your life? Or, do you worry about everything?  

Digging Deeper

2. God wants us to focus on that which is right, pure, noble and excellent when we are shaken by life’s circumstances.  The following verses help us focus on that which is right: God is your rock and salvation (Psalm 62:6); find refuge in His wings (Psalm 91:4; 2 Samuel 22:31); do not fear (Isaiah 41:10; Deuteronomy 31:6; John 14:27); trust in God (Psalm 28:7; 56:3; 112:7; Proverbs 3:5).  Have you been focusing on the right things?  

3. Read about the power of prayer (Matthew 7:7; 21:22; John 14:13-14; Mark 9:29; Acts 9:40; James 5:14-16).  Does your prayer life exhibit this kind of miraculous intervention?  Discuss the appropriate perspective we should have of how God works in our midst.

4. What does it mean to pray in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:18)?

Applying the Bible

5. If you are worried about something right now, what will you do to eliminate the worry and simply trust in God?  Do you truly believe that God is in control of every area of your life?  Will you be determined to focus only on uplifting thoughts, even when the evil one tries to fill your mind with discouragement?

6. Do you have a life-altering concern in your life right now?  As a group, end your meeting in prayer over these concerns with the goal of “casting all our cares upon the Lord.”