Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Unchangeable Christ

Hebrews 13:8

Pastor Don Delagrange

Some things change, some do not!

The calendar changes

God and his Word do not change, Malachi 3:6, Luke 21:33


Christ does not change.  Heb. 13:8,

  •  “Making a beeline to Christ” — Spurgeon

Christ, the Word become flesh (Incarnation) 

  • He is eternal                
  • He is the atoning sacrifice.

Christ’s love never changes

Christ showed the full extent of his love, John 13:1

  • He will always love you!
  • We need to show love
  • Why people don’t attend church?  4 Acts of Love


Serve one another in love.  Gal. 5:13

Christ humbled himself, taking the very nature of a servant.  Phil. 2:5-7

Humility is...Serving out of humility…

Christ enables you to serve, by the Spirit.  Eph. 1:19

Christ served, so should we!

Discussion Questions

 Getting Started

     1.  Share several kinds of changes you have witnessed in life.  What have been some of the most difficult changes you have experienced in life? In what situations have you welcomed changes?

Digging Deeper

     2.  Since Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever…discuss his appearances, his attributes, and his ministry to others in each of these eras

  • Jesus appeared in the Old Testament.  How?  To whom?
  • Jesus appeared in the New Testament.  Choose any story and discuss. 
  • Jesus’ final appearance on the “end stage.”  1 Thess. 4:13-18

     3.  Jesus washed the disciples’ feet.  Study the entire text, John 13:1-17.  Why did he wash their feet?  What was the lesson he was conveying?  Did Jesus intend for us in the modern world to literally wash each other’s feet?  If you have ever washed feet, share with others the experience.

Applying the Message

     4.  Review reasons why people don’t attend church and the act of love that should be shown.


  1. Church people are judgmental     
  2. Don’t want to be lectured             
  3. Hypocrites in the church              
  4. Your God is irrelevant                   

4 Acts of Love           

  1. Radical hospitality
  2. Allow fearless conversation
  3. Genuine humility
  4. Live as though God is real, present,  and active

*These 4 acts of love will make the church and Jesus irresistible. 

     5.  Spend some time praying as a LIFE Group.  Include thankfulness for the past year, confession of sin and ask for the Lord’s help in 2016.  Be specific in your prayers.