Sunday, 07 January 2018

The Power of the Gospel

Romans 1:16-17

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


What is the “good news” of Jesus Christ? 


Too many times, we try to overcome sin on our own will power.  We often try to fix a relationship with our own methods.  And we even search for purpose in the wrong places.  The power of the Gospel is  unleashed in our life when we comprehend two truths:  

  • God’s righteousness saves the sinner.   
  • The righteous live by faith.   


Self-sufficient people do not live in such a way that demonstrates their need for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Not until we are broken do we truly surrender to God.  When we live by faith (broken), we allow God to work in us in ways we didn’t think was possible. 

This year,
I will allow God to break me in: _________________________ 

Discussion Questions 

Getting Started 

      1. What does it mean to live in the power of the gospel on a daily basis? In what ways do you allow God’s power to flow through you?   

      2. When is the last time you have compared your righteousness to God instead of comparing yourself to others?       

Digging Deeper 

     3. Read 2 Corinthians 12:1-10.  Have you, like Paul, dealt with a thorn in your side, that no matter how much you pray for it to go away, it remains with you?  What has this thorn taught you? Have you gotten to the point in your brokenness where you are learning from this instead of trying to pray it away?   

      4. Read the following passages about brokenness (Psalm 51:17; 34:18; 69:20; 147:3; Isaiah 61:1; 66:2; Jeremiah 23:9; Ezekiel 21:6-7; Job 17:1). Why is brokenness so important to God? 

      5. Read Romans 8:26. How does the Holy Spirit intercede for us when we pray? In what ways does the Holy Spirit help us in our weakness? 

      6. Read Hebrews 4:15. Why is Jesus Christ able to sympathize with our weaknesses? What did Jesus endure in His earthly ministry? How was He tempted? Where did Jesus’ power derive from? Do we have the same source of power? 

Applying the Word to Life 

      7. What area of your life will you allow God to break you in this year? Do you need to be broken in a sin? In a relationship? How will you accomplish this? How will you allow the power of God to do an amazing work in your life? What is your next step in trusting God enough to surrender to His will?