Sunday, 04 October 2015

The Politically Incorrect Witnesses

Revelation 11

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

The TWO WITNESSES [11:1-13]

Are you in the inner or outer court? The true worshipers are in the inner court, while the wicked are in the outer court. God knows who is real and who is fake, and helps us discern who the wicked are and reveals their fate.

  • The wicked trample that which is sacred.
  • The wicked kill truth-tellers.
  • The wicked gleefully gaze upon other people’s misfortune.
  • The wicked will someday see God’s destructive glory.

The 7th TRUMPET: Jesus reigns [11:14-19]

One day, we will all fall on our faces and worship God. We will thank God for being the type of leader who:

  1. Reigns in righteousness.
  2. Judges for justice.
  3. Rewards His servants.
  4. Destroys the wicked.

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. Do you believe that there is a connection between the increase of technology and the end of days? Right now, technology allows us to see anything on the planet no matter where we might be located. Discuss how differently we would’ve read Revelation 11:9 in the 1800s.

Digging Deeper

2. There is a comparison of Joshua’s conquest of Jericho and Jesus’ conquest in Revelation. Study the following passages and discuss.

  • 7 total trumpets (Joshua 6:6 and Revelation 8:2).
  • Invasion was at end of 7th trumpet (Josh 6:15-18; Rev. 10:7).
  • The inhabitants spared (Josh 6:17; Matthew 25:31-41).
  • Description of Rahab and Israel (Josh 6:17; Ezekiel 16:33-36).

3. Read about the wicked (Ezekiel 3:19; 18:23; Proverbs 10:7; 11:7; 29:1; Job 18:11-15; Psalm 34:16; 73:12-19). Did you learn anything new about how God views the wicked? What is in store for the wicked?

4. Is there anything sacred in our country anymore? In what ways have those in power trampled over the values which used to be important to the majority of people in the United States? What values were important decades ago that seem to now be lost?

Applying the Bible

5. Is someone trampling something sacred in your home, work or school? Do you need to find the courage to confront the wickedness? How can you be a truth-teller in this situation?

6. Does your heart break over people’s misfortune, or have you become callused? Focus on daily asking Him to soften your hardened heart.