Sunday, 04 December 2016


Luke 1:5-25

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


Zechariah and Elizabeth often get overlooked every Christmas because the focus is on Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  But God decided that their story was such a vital aspect of the birth of the Messiah that a large section of Luke’s account is dedicated to them.  What do we know about this couple? 






When Zechariah doubted that his wife was able to get pregnant in her old age, God gave him a sign to remember the power of His plan.  Zechariah could not talk for his wife’s entire pregnancy.  What good can come from silence? 

  • God-given silence reminds us of the grand vision of God. 
  • God-given silence transforms us.
  • In the silence, thank God for meeting your personal needs.

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. What would you do if you were forced to be silent for almost a year?  What would have to change?  Would you eventually look at the silence as a gift, or as a curse?  Put yourself in Zechariah’s shoes.

Digging Deeper

2. Read James 1:19.  Do these three actions describe your life?  Are you quick to listen?  Are you slow to speak?  Are you slow to get angry?  Discuss how these three actions are interrelated and how mastering the art of listening will help will help the other actions fall into place much easier.  Why do some people struggle with genuinely listening? 

3. Read Psalm 46:10.  When you are silent, you start to realize the power and majesty of God.  When you are still, you start to hear the whispering language of God.  Do you discipline yourself to be silent before God?  What do you focus on when you are silent?      

4. Read Proverbs 17:1.  Does this describe your family?  Is your family in turmoil because people cannot keep their mouth shut?  Why do some families (who are blessed in so many ways) bicker and pick at each other, preventing moments of joy to happen at gatherings? 

Applying the Bible

5. If you struggle with being silent, will you commit to viewing silence as a gift from God and determine that you will focus on listening?  Do you need to be silent in an area where you doubt God? 

6. Does God have your attention?  Or does He have to change your way of life so much that you finally hear His voice?  What does He want you to change?  Spend time listening to His Spirit speak to you.