Sunday, 06 January 2019

The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:5-13

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


Before Jesus gave His followers several important components of prayer, He explained two important truths about prayer:

  • Prayer is a heart conversation between God and you.
  • Prayer is more listening than speaking.


Jesus is not giving us a formula to use when we pray to our heavenly Father. Jesus is letting us know what will help us grow in our relationship with Him. Jesus tells us to interact with God in these distinct ways which will foster a healthy bond with God.

  • Worship God’s holy name.
  • Surrender to God your desire to control.
  • Thank God for His provision.
  • Confess to God any sin you are harboring.
  • Ask God to give you strength over your struggles.

Daily Prayer Schedule

During this week, each day you will focus on a particular part of the Lord’s Prayer. Spend at least 5 minutes each day. Remember to go into a private place and keep your prayers concise.

Monday (January 7) – PRAYER OF ADORATION

Focus on worshiping God. Just as you would encourage a friend, tell God what you most appreciate about Him. Thank God for what He has done for you in the last few days.

Tuesday (January 8) – PRAYER OF SURRENDER

Name each area of your life and give God control over each area. Be honest with God if you are struggling to release something. Let God know that you truly want His will to be done in your life.

Wednesday (January 9) – PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING

If there is a legitimate need in your life, petition God to take care of your needs. If your needs are met, then spend time in thanksgiving.

Thursday (January 10) – PRAYER OF CONFESSION

Start off in silence as you search your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you any sin that is hidden in your heart. Confess the sin out loud before God and ask Him for forgiveness.

Friday (January 11) – PRAYER OF RELEASE

Share with God how you have been sinned against. Explain to Him how it has made you feel. Then, tell God that you will forgive that person and pray a prayer of blessing over that person’s life.

Saturday (January 12) – PRAYER OF PROTECTION

Share with God how you struggle in a particular area. Ask God to keep you from Satan’s temptations. Plead with God to wake you up. Ask God to place a hatred in your heart for that sin.

Sunday (January 13) – THE LORD’S PRAYER

Get up a half-an-hour earlier than normal and pray through all the different components of the Lord’s Prayer.  Don’t just speak, spend time in silence listening to what God is telling you about each area.