Sunday, 02 June 2019

The Impact of Godly Trust

Pastor Brennan Angle

The IMPACT of Godly Trust

  • To live a life of IMPACT, it takes a life of Godly trustcomplete submission and true aligning to God’s plans.
  • I emotionally choose to put expectations, hopes, dreams and desires into the care of the Lord and his provision for me.
  • Goes beyond intellectual understanding to a deep reliance on the LORD, settled confidence in his care, and faithfulness to his Word.
  • Living a life of IMPACT looks like fully aligning our lives with God’s way.

Questions to think about:

  • Do you trust God with everything?
  • Is your life the picture of ever increasing brightness? Or the Drivers Ed car?
  • In what situations do you find yourself leaning over to grab the wheel or slam on the brakes?
  • What areas of life need to be given over to submission today for your blessing?

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. Discuss together your experiences with Drivers Training, if you remember. What did this look like for you? How can you relate to this analogy when it comes to allowing Jesus to take control of your life? Who is someone that you trust more than anyone else in your life? Why is it that you trust that person so much? Explain.

Digging Deeper

2. This idea of acknowledging Him with the promise of Him straightening our paths is found elsewhere in the Bible as well. Read 1 Chronicles 28:9 together and discuss your takeaways from this passage. How is this passage/promise relieving? How is this passage/promise challenging and scary?

3. Discuss the connection of Proverbs 4:18-19 and 1 John 3:2-3. What does this mean for us as believers? What should this challenge us as believers?

Applying the Word to Life

4. In what areas of your life is it easy for you to allow God to have control of? In what areas is it easy for you to keep control of and not trust God with? Why is this the case? What needs to be done in order to trust God with all areas of your life?\

5. God promises to bless a life given over to Him in complete submission. What areas of your life do you think haven’t received the blessing? Could it be because you haven’t given it over to complete surrender?

6. Remind yourself this week of Proverbs 21:31. While we do everything we can to prepare the horse for battle, the victory rests with the Lord. Keep that somewhere to remind yourself this week.