Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Beast

Revelation 13

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


How will we know when the Antichrist has come to this earth? We can discern the identity of this person when we consider 7 characteristics of this man presented in Revelation 13.

  • #1 – He will rise to power over the entire world.
  • #2 – He will blaspheme God.
  • #3 – He will recover from a fatal wound.
  • #4 – He will be worshipped.
  • #5 – He will be endorsed by a false prophet.
  • #6 – He will force everyone to receive a mark.
  • #7 – His name will be calculated 666.

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. How should Christians interact with today’s technology in regard to placing a “chip” under their skin? Is it okay to do it for medical reasons? For convenience? When will you be able to discern that it might be the mark of the beast? Will it become the mark when the Antichrist is revealed? Or is this about allegiance and obedience?

Digging Deeper

2. Read the 14 different passages about the book of life (Rev. 3:5; 13:8; 17:8; 20:15; 21:27; Phil. 4:3; Luke 10:20; Heb. 12:23; Dan. 12:1; Ex. 32:31-33; Ps. 69:27-28; 56:8; 139:16; Mal. 3:16). What are some attributes about this heavenly book? How do you know if you’re in this book?

3. This world leader is called different names in the Bible: “The prince who comes” (Dan. 9:26); “The king” (Dan. 11:36); “The man of sin…the son of destruction” (2 Thess. 2:3); “The wicked one” (2 Thess. 2:8); “The beast” (Rev. 13:4); “The Antichrist” (1 John 2:22). Discuss how the world will see him one way while Christians will see him as evil.

4. Daniel wrote that the Antichrist will boast about himself (7:8) and will do according to his own will and will magnify himself above every other god (11:36). Talk about how important it is to stay humble, allowing the true God to lift you up in His timing (2 Peter 3:5-6).

Applying the Bible

5. In Revelation 13:18, God asks us to have wisdom and insight. How can you grow in this area of your life? What can you start doing this week to increase your ability to discern the times around you?

6. How do you know when you are worshipping someone or something other than God? What can you do to exalt our great God this week?