Sunday, 01 November 2015

The 7 Bowls of Judgment

Revelation 14-16

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


The 3 angels bring to the earth 3 different messages. The first message is hope of the gospel; the second is the promise to seek revenge on rebellious Babylon; the third is the outpouring of God’s wrath. These angels teach us: The God of hope gives us time to repent before justice comes.

The 7 BOWLS of Judgment

As the Great Tribulation draws to a close, God will pour His wrath out of 7 bowls upon all the rebellious men and women of the earth:

  1. Bowl #1Boils all over a non-believers’ body.
  2. Bowl #2 – 100% of the ocean is turned to blood.
  3. Bowl #3 – 100% of the freshwater is turned to blood.
  4. Bowl #4 – The sun scorches non-believers with fire. Many humans who know that God exists still hate Him (16:9,11,21).
  5. Bowl #5 – The non-believers are plunged into darkness.
  6. Bowl #63 frog-like demons gather the kings for Armageddon.
  7. Bowl #7 – 100 pound hail will fall on non-believers. Happiness derives from being spiritually awake (16:15).

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. Why do you think some people who know that God exists still hate Him? Why do many people blame God for the tragedies in their life?

Digging Deeper

2. Read Romans 15:13. When and how does God fill you with joy and peace? What can you do to show God that you are trusting in Him? What part does the Holy Spirit play in giving you this power?

3. How does 2 Peter 3:8-15 parallel Revelation 14-16? What are the similarities? Discuss how God is slow to anger. Talk about how His day will come like a thief in the night and how people take advantage of God’s patience (see also Psalm 145:8; Isaiah 30:18).

4. Why did God use these judgments? Could it be that He was trying to get the attention of the rebellious by waking them up? How do some of these judgments remind us of the goodness of God right now? (1) Slumbering people love comfort, but boils prevent it; (2) Water quenches our thirst, but it will be bloody; (3) The sun gives us warmth, but too much of it is deadly; (4) Darkness helps us rest, but too much of it brings gloom; (5) Hail makes us look to the heavens. Discuss how God is trying to get the attention of the earth.

Applying the Bible

5. Do you need to wake up in a particular area of your life? Are you holding onto a sin that is preventing you from having a relationship with God? Do you need to say goodbye to a “false god” in your life? What will you do this week to turn from your slumber in this area?

6. Are you happy? How do you find happiness? This week seek God through an extended time of prayer and Bible study every morning.