Sunday, 10 April 2016

Perseverance Pays Off

James 1:12-27

Pastor Don Delagrange

Persevere under trials with God’s staying power, (v. 12).

Trials and standing the test, (Rom. 5:1-5).

Crown of life.

Persevere when tempted, (v. 13-15).

God tests, Satan tempts!

Evil desires > desire conceived > birth to sin > death

Dealing with temptation, (1 Cor. 10:13).

Persevere with God, who does not change, (v. 16-18).

He chose to give us birth—Word of Truth.

Persevere in doing what the Word says, (v. 19-25).

Learn some listening skills!

Moral filth builds up, keeps you from hearing the Word.

Persevere in ministry to people in distress, (v. 26-27).

Persevere in prayer, (Luke 18:1).

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1.  Share a time in your life when you felt like throwing in the towel and giving up.  What helped you make it through?  What is the biggest life struggle for the majority of people around you?  Where do people go for help in desperate situations in life?

Digging deeper

2.  Study how Joseph was able to endure in spite of difficulty.  He was rejected by his brothers and sold into slavery, (Gen. 37:12-36).  He was tested through temptation, (Gen. 39).  He was falsely accused, imprisoned, and forgotten by the cupbearer, (Gen. 40:1-23).  How did Joseph’s perseverance pay off?  He was given ability to interpret dreams.  What dreams did he interpret?  He was trusted, (Gen. 39:3-4,8-9, 22).  How did his family benefit?  Scan through Gen. 42-45.

3.  Consider Paul’s ability to stick it out and never give up, (2 Cor. 6:3-10; 2 Cor. 11:23-33).  What lessons can we learn from Paul’s life about continuing on a course of action?

Applying the Bible

4.  What have you learned from the sermon about facing temptations?  How can you find a way of escape when tempted?  Consider arming yourself, (Eph. 6:10-18).  What is the crown of life and the blessed life, (Jas. 1:2)?

5.  How have you experienced heart felt prayer when called upon to stick it out in a life situation?  Refer to Jas. 5:16.