Sunday, 12 March 2017

Orphan Care Weekend

Pastor Nate Bristol

Abram’s Calling:

  • God Calls Abram to LEAVE and to GO.
  • God assures Abram, saying “I WILL show you the way!”

Your Calling:

  • What plans or things may God be calling you to leave?
  • Where may God be calling you to go?
  • What are the details that have you nervous:

Know that if God called you to it, He will bring you through it! Just as He promised Abram, he tells us “Trust me, and I WILL show you the way!”

Small Group Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. Have you ever been asked or thought God was asking you to do something big? Did you step out in faith in this thing or did you hold back?

Digging Deeper

2.  Read Genesis 12:1-4.  What is significant about God’s call of Abram?

3. Can you think of other people in Scripture who God asked to do seemingly crazy things?

a.  People who did what God asked?

b. People who did not do what God asked?

c. How did God work in their situations?

Applying the Bible

4. Read Proverbs 16:9. Has God ever “messed up” your plans? 

5. What avenues does God use to speak direction into your life? (Scripture, people, sermons, worship, etc.)

6. Take some time to reflect: Has God been placing anything on your heart?

7. God called Abram to “leave” and “go.” Abram didn't know the details, but he followed in faith. What may God be calling you to LEAVE? Where may he be calling you to GO?