Sunday, 27 January 2019


John 17

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

Going “DEEPER” in your Prayers

Have you ever felt like your prayers for the people you love seem to fall short of what is truly in your heart? Do you often resort to a few clichés in your prayers and wish that your prayers had more power? Jesus prayed for us the night before He died, and He gives an example as to what we should be asking God for on behalf of others.

  • Protection by the power of the name.
    • The Protection of joy.
    • The Protection of sanctified truth.
    • The Protection of complete unity.

ASKING for the GLORY of God

What is the greatest characteristic that anyone can witness on this earth? What will change a heart? What will transform a mind?

  • Seeing the glory of God will bring salvation.

Daily Prayer Schedule

How do you pray for others? This week, pray for others how Jesus prayed for you right before He died on the cross.

Monday (January 28) – PROTECTION

Move from simply praying for physical protection of individuals to praying for their spiritual protection. As people come to your mind, ask the Holy Spirit to tell you what spiritual aspect of their life needs to be petitioned.

Tuesday (January 29) – FULL MEASURE OF JOY

Pray for others to have the full measure of joy that only comes from knowing Jesus. Call someone and pray with them over the phone. Visit someone and lay your hands on them to lift their spirits.

Wednesday (January 30) – SANCTIFIED TRUTH

Pray especially for the leaders of this nation. Pray that they might receive a spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17). Allow your heart to break for the unborn. Listen to your heavenly Father and notice how heart-broken He is over the foolish laws of our land.

Thursday (January 31) – COMPLETE UNITY

Pray for a marriage that is divided. Pray for a friendship that is strained. Ask the holy Trinity to guide you into how to pray for the unity that comes from God’s love.

Friday (February 1) – SEE GOD’S GLORY

Do you know someone who doesn’t know God yet? Pray so that he or she would witness God’s glory and that it would change them.

Saturday (February 2) – PROTECTION OVER YOURSELF

Pray for yourself today. Pray for joy, sanctified truth and unity to fill your soul. Spend time asking the Lord for protection over your mind so that you are living an uplifted life instead of a downtrodden one.

Sunday (February 3) – JOY, TRUTH, UNITY

Prepare yourself to see God’s glory at the worship service this morning. Ask for God to fill you with joy, truth, and unity.