Sunday, 31 January 2016

Inside Out

Philippians 2:12-18

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


What does the phrase “work out your salvation” mean?  

Inside change becomes outside reality.  


How does a Christian outwardly demonstrate that they are genuinely changed on the inside?  There are three questions we all must ask:    

  1. Do I speak with grace?
  2. Do I treasure God’s Word?  
  3. Do I serve sacrificially and joyfully?

Some Christians are wonderful encouragers, but they don’t know the Bible.  Other Christians are knowledgeable about the Bible, but are mean-spirited.  Still, others talk about their faith, but never serve others.  Are you a complete Christian?  Do these three phrases describe you?

Speak Life – Believe God – Serve Others

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. What percentage of people do you know who show no real sign of being a Christian, but they say that they follow Jesus if they are asked?  Why do you think so many people make a profession of their salvation in Jesus Christ, but their outward actions prove that they do not have a relationship with the Creator?  

Digging Deeper

2. Pray this verse as a prayer for the next month if you have an issue with the words that exit your mouth (Psalm 19:14).

3. Prideful words often lead to arguments (Proverbs 13:10).  How much do you find yourself arguing with someone else?  Could it be because you (and the other person) are approaching each other with pride?  In what ways can you approach every problem with humility?    

4. What do these passages teach us about God’s word (Hebrews 4:12; James 1:21-22; Psalm 33:4; 119:105; 2 Tim. 3:16-17; Isaiah 40:8; Luke 11:28; Matt. 4:4; 7:24; 24:35; John 1:1; 8:31-32; Prov. 2:6; Deut. 8:3)?

Applying the Bible

5. Do you want to speak life, instead of being critical?  Then discipline yourself this week by writing down every time you say something that is not seasoned with grace.  Be aware of your words.

6. How well do you know God’s word?  We challenge you to attend one of the many classes (Bible studies) Central offers.  Start this week!

7. Do you serve with a joyful heart?  When you discover your God-given gift and your passion, then you will find joy in serving.  If you would like to learn more about your spiritual gift and passion, then please fill out My S.H.A.P.E. Profile which is an insert in your bulletin.