Sunday, 16 February 2020

Going into the Deep

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

The “GREAT CATCH” (Part 1)

There is a word in Luke 5:1-11 which gives us a glimpse into what God wants from us: DEPTH. What does it mean to go into the deep? And what happens when we say “YES” to God by going into the depths?

  • I want to walk by faith even when it doesn’t make sense, so that as I see God work, I can say, “Only God could do this!”
  • Sometimes the only motivation we have is knowing that God wants us to be obedient.
  • God is drawn towards the humble in heart.

The “GREAT CATCH” (Part 2)

Jesus has a conversation with Peter after His resurrection. This interaction is after the disciples catch 153 fish (John 21:11-17). Jesus asked Peter if he loved him, showing us God’s tender heart of forgiveness and what He ultimately wants from us:

  • God wants to move us deeper into His sacrificial love.

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. Just as Jesus reminded Peter that he was forgiven for denying Him three times by asking Peter if he loved him three times, have you ever been reminded by God that He has fully forgiven you? Has God done anything to comfort you so that you could go forward with confidence that you are free?

Digging Deeper

2. Read about the problem of sin (Rom. 3:10,23; Ps. 51:5; Mark 7:21; Jeremiah 17:9; Eccl. 7:20; Gen. 6:5; Titus 1:15-16). Why is it important to realize that we are sinners? Why is Peter’s reaction to Jesus so important for us to understand? Have you ever cried out, “I am a sinner” and if so, what did that do to your heart?

3. Read Genesis 12:1-9…God told Abraham to leave his family and go to another country. Read Exodus 3:10…God told Moses to go and save the slaves from Egypt. Moses doubted that he was the right person for the job. Read Genesis 6:13-22…God told Noah to build an ark. It had never rained at this point in history, yet Noah obediently built a huge boat to save countless animals. Have you ever felt like God is asking you to do something “by faith” and yet it makes no sense?

Applying the Word to Life

4. Are you in a season of your life where you are being obedient because you know God wants you to do something even though you are struggling to find fulfillment in your marriage, job, or friendship? How can you find the strength to continue to be faithful even when you want to give up?

5. How will you move deeper into God’s sacrificial love? What step will you take to know Christ and love Him (Phil. 3:10-11)?