Sunday, 20 January 2019

God's Power

Pastor Don Delagrange


The early church in the book of Acts experienced powerful prayer when they met together to hear from God and take action, as led by  the Holy Spirit. These corporate times included several key ingredients that revealed the “UNSTOPPABLE POWER” of PRAYER. A “praying church” in the book of Acts 2:42, 13:1-3.


  • In group settings EVERYONE is involved in prayer.
    • Facilitation is crucial.
  • Extended time in prayer gives opportunity to RELATE to God.
    • Nurture a relationship.
    • Silence is a discipline.
  • HEART-FELT praying moves mountains, James 5:16 and Matt. 17:20.
  • Pray PRAYERS of AGREEMENT, Matt. 18:19,20.
    • Pray until released.
  • Unconfessed sin impacts the RESULTS of prayer.

Plan a Group or Family Prayer Time

Praying out loud is not expected, unless you chose to participate.

1. Share your positive or negative experiences of group prayer time. *5-6 min.

2. Read through and discuss these two scriptures—let your hearts pray. *5-6 min.

  • Hannah prays with her heart, 1 Sam. 1:9-20 or David prays, Ps. 51.

3. Spend time as a group praying. *30 min. Designate a facilitator. The person’s responsibilities:

  • Guide the group by suggesting topics for prayer.
    • Stay on the suggested topic until there is a release to move on to the next topic.
    • Write some prayer thoughts:
      • Giving God adoration and praise.
      • Confession—this may be done privately.
      • Thanksgiving—what God has done for you.
      • Intercession for individuals—only by name, if it’s public. Sickness, relationships, church family—mention the need and ask God to touch them).
  • As a group member:
    • Listen closely to the person facilitating.
    • Stay focused on the topic suggested.
    • Listen and learn from others praying.
    • Pray brief prayers.
    • Be “conversational” in praying—talking and listening to God.
    • Silence in group praying is beneficial.

4. Debrief at the close of the group prayer time: *6-8 min.

  • How did you experience prayer time?
  • Did you find yourself praying in agreement with those who led?
  • How did you deal with distractions?