Sunday, 09 December 2018

Experiencing the Generosity of God

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

Kingdom of GOD vs Kingdom of ME

Everyday, we are given two main choices that have eternal  consequences. We can decide to seek after God’s heart, or we can seek what we think benefits us, but in the end, will probably leave us feeling empty. What does the story of the Magi and Herod teach us about the significance of what we seek after?

  • God rewards us when we earnestly seek Him.
  • We reject God when we pursue selfish desires.


The Magi traveled a great distance until they finally found their treasure under the star. What did they do when they discovered their king? What does that teach us about how we should respond when we find the treasure of Jesus Christ?

  • We burst forth with everlasting joy.
  • We surrender our entire life to Jesus.

Never forget that…

  • We always follow what we treasure.

Study and Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. When did you start to seek after Jesus Christ? Share your story with the group. What were your initial emotions and thoughts when you discovered the indescribable gift of having a relationship with Jesus?

Digging Deeper

2. Read Proverbs 11:4. Discuss how all of our wealth will be worthless when we die, but how righteousness will deliver us.

3. Read Psalm 39:4-7; 1 Timothy 6:17. Have you ever taken the time to consider where all your accumulated wealth will end up? How can you pass on your earthly treasure while you are still alive to things that are eternal? Have you ever gone before the Lord and asked Him what the balance between saving, living, and giving is for you?

4. Read Colossians 2:2-3. What are the treasures of wisdom and knowledge? How can we be rich in understanding Christ?

Applying the Word to Life

5. When is the last time you have just burst forth with joy? Does Psalm 16:11 describe your life? What do you need to do this week in order to find your first love again (Revelation 2:4)?

6. Take a personal inventory of your heart. What do you treasure? Where do you spend the majority of your time? What consumes your thoughts? Be honest with yourself? Do you need to give something up for the sake of your savior?

7. Do you need to surrender to Jesus? Are you holding back an area of your life that is hindering your relationship with God and others? Do you need to confess a sin that is hurting you?