Sunday, 05 January 2020

Does God Exist?

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

The EVIDENCE for God

Entire books have been written trying to prove or disprove the existence of a Creator because this is the greatest question we can ask.  There are three convincing arguments for the reality of God.

  • The universe shouts intelligent design.
  • The human heart searches for eternal truth.
  • Unexplainable supernatural experiences.


It is one thing to believe in a Higher Power, but does this Creator have a name? Has God made Himself known to mankind as a personal being, or are there multiple names and ways to an impersonal God?

  • Many “convincing proofs” present God as Jesus.
  • Everyone places their faith in something.

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. Have you ever met someone who was hostile toward Christianity Were you ever hostile towards Christianity? What are the factors that drive someone’s skepticism?

Digging Deeper

2. What are some unexplainable supernatural experiences you have had in your life? Share with the group if you’d like.

3. Read Acts 17:29. In your search for God, have you ever settled for that which is material to fill the void in your heart? How can you tell when your quest leads you to God and not images made by humans?

4. Can you recall when you first were exposed to evolution? What was your reaction? If Darwinism is true, there is no God, no life after death, no right or wrong, and no meaning for life. Which of these implications concerns you the most and why?

5. What amazes you about the universe? What captures your awe and places you in full sight of your Creator?

Applying the Word to Life

6. You could spend a lifetime gathering all the evidence about the existence of God, but there comes a time when you have to decide if you will take the step of faith and believe without having all your questions answered. How can you have faith when you feel the doubt creep into your head?

7. Eternal truth is found in God and it answers these questions: is there life after death, is there right or wrong, does my life have purpose? When is the last time you have thought through these questions? When is the last time you have helped a skeptic through these questions?