Sunday, 17 September 2017

Carried to the Table

Pastor Troy Jester

Definition of Grace 

Unmerited Favor - Extending special favor to someone who doesn’t deserve it, who hasn’t earned it, and can never repay it. 

The Story of Mephibosheth (II Samuel 9:1-13) 

1. Characters in the Story

A. Saul

B. Jonathan

C. Mephibosheth

D. David

2. David’s promise to Saul (I Samuel 24:20-22).3.  David follows through on his promise.

4. Saul’s servant Ziba finds Mephibosheth in Lo Debar - “place of no bread”.

5. Mephibosheth fears for his life.

6. Mephibosheth is welcomed to the king’s table. 

Mephibosheth’s Story is our Story 

  • We are fallen and broken
  • We are pursued by the King
  • The King’s table covers our sins.  

You may think you are broken and useless. God says you are chosen and invited

Small Group Reflection Questions 

1. Share about a time when you saw something really great happen to someone who saw themselves as unworthy! 

2. Read II Samuel 9:1-13 

3. What part of Mephibosheth’s story connected with you?   

4. The truth is, everyone is fallen and broken. How would it change the way you interact with others to see them the way God sees them? 

5. God’s grace is amazing! Read the following verses and discuss how the truths apply to you:

A.  Ephesians 2:4-9

B. Romans 8:1

C. Romans 8:16-17

D.  I John 3:1-3

E.  I Peter 2:9 

6. What can you do this week to shift your mindset to line up more with the way God sees you? 

7.  Who do you need to invite to the King’s table?