Sunday, 10 February 2019

Can We Change God’s Mind?

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

Abraham’s FAMILY (Genesis 18 – 1800 B.C.)

God was planning to destroy Sodom-Gomorrah because He heard the outcry of their evil. Abraham pleaded with God to withhold judgment if there were a certain amount of righteous people living there.

  • Repentance unlocks the door to God’s mercy.

Hannah’s INFERTILITY (1 Samuel 1 – 1100 B.C.)

Hannah was barren, and to make matters worse, her husband was married to another woman who had several children. Hannah pleaded with God to give her a child. She even made a vow.

  • Anguish unlocks the door to God’s compassion.

Hezekiah’s ILLNESS (2 Kings 20 – 700 B.C.)

Hezekiah was told by the prophet Isaiah that he was going to die; so he pleaded with God to extend his life beyond middle age.

  • Weeping unlocks the door to God’s grace.
  • Repentance, anguish, and weeping seem to have the power to move God deeply in supernatural ways. 

Daily Prayer Schedule

Monday (February 11) – CONVERSATION

Just as we read about the conversation Abraham had with God in Genesis 18:23-33, do you know how to interact with God like this? Open up your heart to hear God speaking to you. Ask Him a question and then listen. Then speak back to God. Practice this dialogue.

Tuesday (February 12) – REPENTANCE

Spend time searching your heart for any unwholesome thought or motive. Confess your sins to your Lord. As you genuinely turn towards God, ask for Him to show you mercy in a situation.

Wednesday (February 13) – WEEPING

When is the last time you have been so heartbroken about something that you have wept before God? Allow yourself to focus on a deep grief inside you and just let it out. Let your tears be your prayer.

Thursday (February 14) – PROMISE

Have you ever made a promise to God? Did you keep it? Ask for God to forgive you if you have fallen short in your vows to Him. Pray for God to give you a heart that is authentic (Matt. 5:33-37; James 5:12).

Friday (February 15) – PRAYERS of the HEART

Just as Hannah mouthed her prayer because she was praying in her heart (1 Sam. 1:12), go before the Lord and pray from your heart. As words fall short, reach out to God through your heart-felt groaning.

Saturday (February 16) – REQUESTS

Now that you have spent a week preparing your heart, make a request to God. Ask Him if He will change something that seems wrong to you. Be humble as you speak to your Almighty God.

Sunday (February 17) – HONORING GOD

What will you do if God does change your situation? Will you give a  precious gift to God that is comparable to what Hannah gave?