Sunday, 03 February 2019


Matthew 7:7-12

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


When we are praying, we are told to ask, seek, and knock. What exactly does that mean? And, what is the ultimate gift we can receive from God that often gets overlooked in our own personal prayer life?

  • When you pray,   be ____________________and _____________________.
  • When you pray for the gift of _______________,
  • God’s generosity is _____________________.


We all desire good gifts from our heavenly Father, but it seems like there are times when God says “no” to us or He makes us wait on His timing. What prevents God from answering our prayers?

A.  ________________________________
B.  ________________________________
C.  ________________________________
D.  ________________________

Daily Prayer Schedule

Monday (February 4) – WISDOM

Spend your entire prayer time asking for wisdom. Listen carefully to the Lord as you ask Him to reveal to you the knowledge you need for every situation you encounter.

Tuesday (February 5) – WRONG MOTIVES

Are you praying for the right things? As you are making your requests to God, check your heart to make sure you are aligning your will with God’s will.  Confess to the Lord an area you have been selfish.

Wednesday (February 6) – UNFORGIVENESS

Ask the Lord to reveal to you any grudges in your heart before you continue in your prayers. As the Holy Spirit brings someone to mind, confess this and do whatever you need to in order to forgive freely.

Thursday (February 7) – UNBELIEF

Speak to God what you believe to be true about Him. Let the truth of God’s Word erupt from your mouth so that you do not believe the lies Satan tries to convince you to accept, but speak truth to heaven.

Friday (February 8) – DEMONIC ACTIVITY

Be aware of the spiritual battle around you. Show patience as you pray. Skip a meal and fast during that time and pray against any Satanic strongholds that seem to be preventing your prayers.

Saturday (February 9) – ASK, SEEK, KNOCK

Seek after God’s kingdom. Rest in the fact that wealth, honor, and long life can flow after you have asked for the right things. Is your mind clear enough to knock on the correct door so that it opens?

Sunday (February 10) – WAITING ON GOD

Remind yourself that God is in control and His timing is perfect. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring your past into your mind so that you can remember how much God has come through for you.