Sunday, 12 August 2018


Colossians 3:15-17

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


The Greek word “admonish” means “to place in the mind.” As Christians, what are we commanded to put into others? What we try to place within others will determine whether we view our faith as a relationship with Jesus or merely a set of rules to remember.

  • When we admonish, we place Christ into the minds of others.
  • The goal of admonishment is wholeness in our being.


How do we know when we are being transformed into the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16)? Too many times, people try to change their  behavior without first inviting Christ to fill them in an abundant way. But then how can we tell if we are truly transforming into the mind of Christ? There are two main fruits we will produce in our life:

  • Christ in us produces wisdom.
  • Christ in us produces thanksgiving.
  • Remember…
    • A transformed mind creates a transformed life.

Study and Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. What does it mean that others are placing Christ (a living person) inside of you and not an academic list of rules when they are admonishing you? How does the life of Christ transform your entire being?

2. Are you open to admonishment when you feel corrected in a sermon, worship song, a class, or a LIFE Group?

Digging Deeper

3. Read Ephesians 4:15. What is the best way to speak the truth in love? How do you guard your heart from speaking harshly? Do you sometimes forget your goal in admonishing others and you’ve hurt relationships because you’ve lacked love?

4. Read 1Thessalonians 5:14. Do you have someone in your life right now who is idle (lazy, purposeless)? Have you been avoiding a difficult conversation with them?  What practical action can you take to awaken them to live a fulfilling life?

5. Read 1 Corinthians 4:14. Discuss the difference between warning and shaming. What are the characteristics of these two actions? Have you ever been shamed? Have you healed from that experience? If not, allow the group to pray for you.

Applying the Word to Life

6. Read John 10:27. How well do you understand the voice of Christ when He speaks? Do you need to clean out your cup? Do you need to get rid of a distraction in order to listen?

7. Is there a lie you’ve been telling yourself? Once you’ve located the lie, replace it with the truth. Ask those who are close to you to text you every day to remind you of the truth so that your brain is transformed into believing the truth, not the lie.