Sunday, 29 September 2019

A Heart for the Harvest

Luke 19:1-10

Pastor Frank Talarico

Luke 19:1-10 contains a great example that represents people who say, “What about us”? God has called each of us to be a force of help and hope to this world. We are a part of a greater purpose, something so much bigger than ourselves, when we as individuals and the Church function in that calling. Our influence is multiplied to a level that we would never be able to reach on our own.


  • Church is just for Christians.


  • Often times people want to connect with God but Christians are in the way.
    • People want to see who Jesus is.
    • Following Jesus starts with seeing Jesus.
    • Sometimes the biggest obstacle is the crowd that’s in the way.
    • Who are we in this passage?
    • Are we Jesus, the crowd, or the tree?

Central Ministries exists for people to have a better view of Jesus.

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. How can you and the church be more aware of those who need to see Jesus?

Digging Deeper

2. Why is it easier to just focus on those in the church rather than noticing those God brings our way?

3. Read through Mark 16:15 ; Acts 1:8; John 4:33-35

Applying the Bible

4. There are three different responses to Christ’s commands in scripture.
1.) Give   2.) Go   3.) Disobedience What is your response?

5. Is God challenging you to “Give” above and beyond your tithe? Together we can accomplish more than we can individually.

6. Is God challenging you to “Go”? What are ways you can “GO” besides traveling to a foreign country? [Idea starters: serve individually or as a LIFE Group at a local organization and mission, volunteer at Central Ministries on a ministry team.]