Sunday, 08 April 2018


Matthew 9:9-13

Pastor Troy Jester


Matthew the Tax Collector (LEVI) was a disappointment to everyone around him. 

  • Jesus saw something in Matthew that others could not see.  
  • Matthew immediately left his tax collection booth and followed the Lord. 
  • Matthew invited his friends to follow Jesus. 


No matter who we are, Jesus is willing to accept us as his disciples

  • The back slidden
  • The morally corrupt
  • The socially unacceptable
  • The people your parents warn you about
  • Those who you would never think to invite into your home 

If we are going to be effective disciple-making disciples, we need to also be effective at loving sinners.  

Study and Discussion Questions 

Getting Started 

1. Share the story of how you came to follow Jesus Christ with the rest of the group. 

Digging Deeper 

2. Read Matthew 9:9-13 together. After listening to the sermon on Sunday, what truth do you think God wanted you to hear? What truth from Matthew 9:9-13 really stuck with you?  

3. Jesus said in verse 13 that He came to call sinners. Who is a sinner? What are two Bible verses that explain your definition?

4. Read Luke 18:9-14. This parable reinforces Jesus’ point from Matthew 9:9-13. In Luke 18:9 it says that Jesus told this parable “to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and treated others with contempt.” How can we guard against falling into the same dangerous trap? 

5. Jesus said in Matthew 9:13, “Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice’.” This is a quotation of Hosea 6:6. What does Hosea 6:6 mean? 

Applying the Word to Life 

6. If you aren’t yet a Christian, how does it make you feel to learn that Jesus is calling sinners? If you are a Christian, does your weekly routine include a lot of Christians? Do you have growing relationships with people who aren’t Christians? 

7. Pray specifically for people that you would like to see follow Jesus. Think of ways that you can introduce them to Jesus!