Sunday, 19 February 2017

FOLLOW the Spirit

Acts 16:1-40

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


The Holy Spirit wants to guide your life.  But before He can take over your will, you must be honest with yourself and ask this question:   

  • Does the Holy Spirit direct your steps


If you are being led by the Holy Spirit, you will experience moments when you realize that God has connected you with someone.  You will face opposition from the evil one and find exhilarating energy in the midst of problems.  You will even transform into focusing on others.

  • The Holy Spirit leads us to divine appointments
  • The Holy Spirit leads us through Satan’s attacks.
  • The Holy Spirit leads us to worship anywhere.
  • The Holy Spirit leads us to the good in a problem
  • The Holy Spirit leads us to encourage others

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. Have you ever felt like God was giving you clear directions in your life?  Was there a major moment when you know that God directed your steps into something that wouldn’t have been possible if not for Him? 

Digging Deeper

2. Read Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:33-35; Mark 5:1-20.  These are just a few examples of Satan and his demons following Jesus around and confronting Him.  If you are going to follow Jesus, you will encounter opposition.  How aware are you of the spirit realm?  As you follow the Spirit, do you ever sense that you are being opposed?  How do you discern this?   

3. Read Romans 8:28; Genesis 50:20.  Are you able to see God working in the midst of a problem?  Are you able to rise above the evil around you and take the high road, knowing that God will deliver you someday?  

4. Discuss the divine appointments that Jesus had throughout His ministry.  As He was led by the Spirit, He kept “seeing” people and changed them (Matthew 4:18-22; 9:9; 20:29-34).

Applying the Bible

5. Do you believe that if the Holy Spirit has taken you to a valley that He will be able to take you back to the mountaintop someday?  What will you do to show God you are content?

6. How aware of divine appointments are you?  Do you notice when God places someone in your life, or do you just ignore everyone so that you can get your task done?  This week, pray for God to make you more aware of what He is doing around you and then pray for the courage to speak to people He has brought into your life.  Even if just for a moment.