Sunday, 01 April 2018


Matthew 27:12-26

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


In the ancient world, the names of individuals meant something significant. The name Barabbas means “son of the father.” What is the significance to this name in light of Barabbas being set free instead of Jesus?   

  • We are Barabbas


In every child there resides a defiance of the authority they have been placed under. This rebellious spirit in children varies in degree, but it is present in every human. This rebel instinct is as old as Satan and tries to live by the lie that we can direct our own destiny as if we are our own God. We must accept the reality that just like Barabbas: 

  • We are rebellious.     


There are so many religions in the world. At first glance, it seems  outrageous to think that there is only one way to heaven. Jesus said that He is the only way to heaven. What makes this statement true? Why is Christianity the way to the true God?   

  • Jesus’ resurrection offers us relationship.   

Study and Discussion Questions 

Getting Started 

1. What does it mean to be God’s friend? Do human friendships teach us anything about divine friendship? How would you best explain your relationship with an invisible God?  

Digging Deeper 

2. Read about how much God wants to be friends with us and the specific people who were called God’s friend (John 15:13-15; James 2:23; Exodus 33:11; Luke 7:34; Matthew 11:19).      

3. How do I become God’s friend? I realize that I’m a stranger to God and have therefore fallen short of His holiness (Romans 3:23; 5:10). In order to reach that holy standard, I need to accept the gift of Jesus’ death on the cross for my sins. As I lay my sins before the cross and ask Jesus to forgive me, He grants to me the gift of eternal life (Romans 6:22-23). As I turn from my sins, I turn towards Jesus Christ and follow Him as a friend. This turning is internal where I believe in my heart and it is external where I speak out about my faith in Jesus (Romans 10:9-10). When did you become God’s friend? 

4. Why do you think the Bible is silent about Barabbas after he was released? Do you think he was affected by the grace shown to him? Are you affected by the grace shown to you? 

Applying the Word to Life 

5. Are you living in rebellion right now? Do you need to surrender your will to God and follow Jesus? 

6. How aware of strangers are you? Do you care about them? Do you have a love for them? Will you start a conversation with them? Will you be Jesus to them? Will you point them to the truth? Will you help them become friends with God?