High School Ministry

We strive to create an environment in HSM that is safe and welcoming to students of all kinds. During the high school years (9-12 grades) our goal is to encourage and inspire students to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. We do this by consistently pointing students to the Word, equipping them to serve both inside the church and in the community, and by challenging them to drive their faith for themselves. Before each student graduates high school, our hope is that backseat riding is no longer an option in their faith.

Statistics show that high school is one of the most critical times in a student's faith development. For a student that has been in Central Student Ministries throughout their middle school years, we build on their knowledge and experience in an effort to develop a passion for faith. When students are passionate about their faith, they will share it with others by loving and serving those around them.

HSM Sunday Nights

Sundays from 6-8pm (Enter door #1)

This is both our large group and small group environments for high school students. We sit at tables based on grade and gender with each small group being assigned a small group leader. The night is a mixture of fun and games, singing, discussion, up front teaching, and more discussion. The idea is to create intimate community among small groups and leaders to cultivate a safe place to learn and process through issues of faith and doubts.

Sunday School

Sundays from 9am-10am
Room 202

This is what we call our medium sized gathering. Our Sunday School environment is largely discussion based. We tackle many issues ranging from theology, current events, the Bible, and difficult topics that students may not be comfortable discussing in the Church.​

Events and Trips

In HSM we keep most of our events throughout the year on our normal ministry days. There are a few exceptions, however. Every summer​ we take a mission trip away from our city. This is on a 4 year rotation including an international trip, an inner city trip, a work trip, and an Indian Reservation. In the fall and spring we try and do a retreat or conference of some kind.

If you have any questions please contact Dan Baker.

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